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5 Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

As a resident of Florida, I know all too well the constant battle with mosquitos. No matter the time of day, these pesky insects are always around. But, through personal experience, I've discovered a few natural ways to keep them at bay.

Natural repellents

I prefer to use natural repellents, so I can enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink on my porch without getting eaten alive. Here are some of my favorite tricks to stay mosquito-free:


Both the plant and its oil have proven to be effective in repelling mosquitos. In my own backyard, I've observed that mosquitos are not attracted to rosemary. Additionally, burning rosemary can also be an effective method for keeping mosquitos away. To burn rosemary, I cut a fresh bundle from my garden and light the top, placing it in a standing glass to allow it to burn. A solution of 1 cup of water and 12-13 drops of rosemary oil can also be used, with the strength of the mixture adjustable to personal preference.


I personally apply lavender oil directly to my legs and arms. However, be cautious as everyone's skin is different and some may be more sensitive to the oil.


One way to use basil as a mosquito repellent is to plant it in your backyard. Another option is to mix basil essential oil with water to create a solution. You can also make a spray by boiling fresh basil leaves and adding the cooled mixture to a spray bottle.


This is a great plant to pot on your porch to repel mosquitos. The citronella oil extracted from the leaves is particularly effective as insect-repellant. Simply mix water with a few drops of citronella oil. The number of drops can be adjusted based on your needs.


When I'm in a hurry, I sometimes apply eucalyptus oil directly to my skin before leaving my home. Keep in mind that some skin types may be more sensitive than others, so you may want to dilute the oil by mixing it with water and storing it in a spray bottle.

One last thought to keep in mind is using your essential oil diffuser outside by adding one of the recommended oils from my list.

Stay mosquito-free and enjoy your outdoor time with these natural methods!

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