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Vegan Hair Products: A Complete Guide to Vegan Hair Care

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Whether your hair is straight or curly, light or dark, hair care is likely part of your beauty or self-care regimen. Choosing hair products that work and are in your budget can already be a tall order. But vegans have the extra task of ensuring their hair care products are also 100% plant-based.

If finding plant-based hair products is a chore you don't look forward to, don't worry. This article will provide an easy-to-reference guide about the different types of vegan hair products you can buy.

Types of Vegan Hair Care Products

There are many varieties of hair products available, such as shampoos, conditioners, texturizing sprays, hair masks, and hair growth products.

Vegans not only don't eat animals, but they also don't use products that contain animal-based ingredients, which surprisingly many hair products do. Vegans also look for cruelty-free hair products, meaning none of the ingredients were tested on animals.

Here, we'll explain a bit about the plant-based hair products that vegans can use.

Vegan Shampoos

Shampoos are usually viscous liquids used to cleanse hair. Vegan shampoos are made from 100% plant-based ingredients and not tested on animals. Many shampoos on the market are made with ingredients like keratin, biotin, gelatin, cetyl alcohol, and silk powder. It's possible for these ingredients to be plant-based, but often they're derived from animals. Unless a shampoo says on the packing that it's plant-based or vegan, it's safe to assume it's not.

Vegan Conditioners

Conditioners help prevent damage to the scalp by reducing friction between strands of hair for smoother brushing and combing. Conditioners also improve the feel and texture of hair. Many conditioners contain animal-based ingredients like biotin or stearic acid. Vegans should look for a label indicating a conditioner is fully plant-based. Many vegan hair conditioners have ingredients like olive oil, hemp seed oil, and lemon juice or other fruit extracts.

Vegan Hair Sprays

Hair spray is generally used for cosmetic styling and to protect against humidity and wind. Some hair sprays contain stearic acid, which can be derived from animals and make the product non-vegan. Ingredients in vegan hair sprays can include passionfruit, abyssinian oil, dragonfruit, alcohol, sodium, and extracts from seeds or flowers.

Vegan Hair Masks

Hair masks provide intense conditioning for the hair (much like facial masks do the skin) to address dry or heat-damaged hair, hair that's chemically colored, aging hair, or curly hair. Vegan hair masks may have ingredients like olive, coconut, or almond oil as well as oats or fruits like bananas.

Vegan Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products help restore thinning hair in both men and women. Common hair growth products like Rogaine are not vegan and include ingredients like minoxidil and keratin. Options for topical vegan hair growth products may include ingredients like turmeric, red clover, and vegan protein alternatives to keratin. Vegans may also opt for plant-based supplements to promote hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vegan Hair Products

We've curated a list of common questions people have about vegan hair products and hair care in general.

Are vegan products good for your hair?

One benefit of vegan hair care products is that they use natural, plant-based ingredients (such as argan oil, coconut butter, shea butter and aloe vera) as opposed to synthetic ingredients. Not only are the natural ingredients in vegan hair products better for the environment, but they also can be nourishing to your hair, give your hair a good cleanse, and be less damaging to your hair, skin, eyes, and lungs. For example, most vegan hair products don't contain parabens, a preservative that can make hair dryer.

Are vegans prone to hair loss?

According to medically reviewed content by hims, a vegan diet that doesn't contain the right nutrition with regard to protein, iron and other minerals can result in nutritional deficiencies that lead to hair shedding. Ways to counteract the risk of hair loss are to make sure your vegan diet contains iron-rich foods, zinc, and proteins. You can also consume iron supplements or multivitamins.

Is L'Oreal a vegan brand?

According to ethical elephant, L'Oreal offers some hair products labeled as "vegan." However, because L'Oreal uses animal testing, its products aren't "cruelty-free." Although "cruelty-free" and "vegan" aren't the same thing, many vegans prefer their hair products to be both vegan and cruelty-free.

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